About Us

Our Brand Story

DIAGOLD is a scintillating story of awe-striking jewels that narrate more than what meets the eye. Each piece is rare and precious, designed to inspire its discerning clientele, and take them on a spellbinding journey to a world of bubbling creativity, heightened quality and exquisite workmanship. Inspired by passion and guided by sheer talent, our fine jewels transcend the sands of time and sparkle with timeless fluidity, striking the perfect balance between contemporary suave and heritage royalty, only to become heirloom memoirs for the generations to come.

– Varda Goenka

What began as a homespun boutique born in the City of Joy has now blossomed into a multi-store chain with a growing network spanning across Mumbai, Kolkata and London – the tale of DIAGOLD is one that offers fresh inspiration every time you hear it.

Founded over two decades ago, our brand has come a long way, and yet – its three-pillared value system upon which this fortress was built remains constant – to be quality-driven, innovative and sustainable – by creating designs that promise utility and value, and celebrate the laborious hard work and ingenuity of Indian karigars.

Specialising in bespoke luxury jewels that are an enchanting blend of diamonds, polkis and other precious, fine stones, each ornament sparks interest in the onlooker owing to its delightful alchemy of modern and heritage allure, which promises to stand the test of time.

Our bold choices and all-encompassing approach sets us apart, where we juxtapose the local nuances of our Indian roots with flare and finesse inspired from global trends. Our design philosophy to craft an eclectic melting pot of luxurious pieces for memorable occasions, as well as statement pieces that redefine everyday dressing defies the age-old notion where your jewels were meant to adorn locker shelves; the women of DIAGOLD believe in celebrating the little things and find everyday to be special, and they enhance this sentiment with our bespoke handcrafted pieces. Affordable yet luxurious, quality-centric yet eccentric, we understand and believe that women shouldn’t settle for less, and so, we deliver only the best.

Over the years, the brand has experienced stupendous success, and the woman behind it, Varda Goenka, has been celebrated by renown members and organisations from the fashion fraternity. She has been felicitated by several highly celebrated institutions such as Aparajita, ALL and the Retail Jewellers Organisation, and has been felicitated with prestigious accolades, such as the Woman of Substance Award by FLO, and the Designer of the Year Award by the Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association. Some of the leading actors from Indian cinema have chosen Diagold for their public and red-carpet appearances – Anushka Sharma, Kriti Sanon, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty, Juhi Chawla, Rakulpreet Singh and Akriti Kakkar to name a few. Their love and support has helped strengthen the brand, as has the thundering appreciation and thriving encouragement that the team has received at exhibitions across the world.

The Pledge of Diagold

Born in 2000 out of sheer love for design and aesthetics, and a passion to create something exceptional that she can call her own, DIAGOLD has built a legacy of delivering value through its statement designs of internationally certified diamonds , ethically sourced precious stones and hallmarked gold jewellery ever since its existence of over two decades. Our brand ethos places sustainability, honesty and customer satisfaction as the pivot of our business processes and following success. At Diagold, we believe that we make some of the most unique, handcrafted jewels that strike the finest balance between classic and contemporary, and promise versatility, utility and value to our customers. Our mindful practices bring employment and visibility to our karigars, a powerhouse of talent and relentless hard work. We strive to enhance the sparkle on our client’s faces, and measure our success by their widening smiles – we are, because you are.

We stand behind the authenticity, state-of-the-art processes and unmatchable quality of our jewels and offer an iron-clad, lifetime buyback and exchange.

Our Founder's Story

An academic sorceress turned artist-entrepreneur, our founder, Varda Goenka embodies limitless potential and hard work. Her story begins many years ago, when, new to the City of Joy as a newlywed, she was exploring the by-lanes of Kolkata as it was then, a paraphernalia of vibrant diversity, when she chanced upon a seemingly ordinary visual that changed her life forever. There was a group of local jewelsmiths, hard at work, crafting breathtaking designs. She stood there, her gaze fixed upon them, but her imagination soaring, her mind buzzing with new possibilities. Where people see art and beauty, Varda saw an exceptional opportunity – where she could create something that transcends conventional clutter, and makes its mark.

Her academic stronghold lent plausibility, direction and structure to her fleeting idea, while her eye for detailing and penchant for the fine arts made no creative challenge impossible for her. Her inspiration was a cultural alchemy of the lyrical lanes of Uttar Pradesh, where she had grown up, and the unique, artistic cacophony of Kolkata, the hub of art and intellect, the city which she calls home today.

Her exposure to business while growing up, together with her determination and inner strength and confidence helped her take the plunge and launch Diagold.

With the drive and passion for bringing exceptional jewellery to Indian women at affordable prices without compromising on its quality or workmanship, Varda’s transparency, honesty and creativity set her apart. Her homerun venture was quick to gain momentum, and women flocked to her to invest in timeless, couture designs that were a notch above the rest.

Varda believes in designing pieces that inspire thought and action, where the onlooker realises that there’s more to the jewel than what meets the eye. Glamorous and yet aspirational, she understands each client and translates their personality into compelling pieces that sparkle bright and bring a smile to their faces. The Diagold woman is determined yet delicate, strong yet sensitive, spirited yet subtle. She knows that just like a diamond, she too is rare and precious, and she wants to celebrate that in everything she wears, everyday.

Diagold, ever since its inception, has received immense adulation and love from its audience, who continue to rediscover themselves through Varda’s eye. With an unending pursuit for novelty and serving designs of pristine glimmer at palatable prices, we still believe that it is her honesty, warmth and transparency that draws women through the door, converting them into lifelong loyalists.

Varda’s experience, talent and skill has led her to become a renowned, recognised and celebrated personality of the industry circuit. She has garnered a client base of thousands of customers, extending from the Indian markets of Mumbai and Kolkata  to global hotspots such as London, USA, Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh , Abu Dhabi and Singapore. She lives in Kolkata, meeting customers everyday at her flagship store and helping them find their inner glow through Diagold.