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DIAGOLD is a designer jewellery brand born with the vision of one woman Mrs.Varda Goenka and her passion for creation. Our brand has become synonymous over the years with trendy designs quality products & exemplary service. Our jewellery mirrors our philosophies of minimalist beauty combined with decadent elegance. This unique contrary design philosophy is our imprint on the world of designer jewellery.

Each piece is crafted with soul & passion so much that they become a window to the soul. They undergo the 4c’s test-cut clarity, carat & colour. Our stones are cut with precision to perfection to create stunning master pieces.

The gold is hallmarked & the diamonds internationally certified to maintain stringent quality standards. Our current lines include Black ice, armature, Pearle de couture & textures. Each line conveys a different emotion.

A great Poet once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. At Diagold we capture eternal beauty in our jewellery. Custom made master pieces in innovative and unique designs is our signature.

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